Trusts and Foundations


Fegans relies heavily on donations and fundraising activities to continue making a life-changing difference to young people dealing with challenging mental health issues.

We believe building strong lasting relationships with our funding partners achieves the best outcomes for all – the young people, the funder and the charity.

Through our partnerships with more than a dozen Charitable Trusts and Foundations (2019), we have received grants to meet the costs of specific projects as well as counselling vulnerable children, as laid down in the terms of the grant.

We have also enjoyed access to unrestricted regular funding to help us achieve outcomes determined by the Trust with the funders’ agreement.

There is still much to do and we remain highly ambitious to ensure that we provide parenting or therapeutic support for families and enpower then to break generational cycles of behaviour.

We value the importance of sharing the difference such funding makes, and ensure we work with our grant makers to provide tailored updates and reports as desired.


If you are a Charitable Trust or Foundation interested in working with us, or if you could make an introduction to someone who sits on the board of one of the UK’s 10,000 Trusts and Foundations, we would love to hear from you. Please contact