Glove Up for Good

Glove Up for Good is fundraising for Fegans by completing a number of challenges every month.
June is all about trekking… so join in, donate and/or like their page!
Everyone can get involved in raising awareness of the mental health issues affecting young children and teenagers.
From all of us at Fegans, a big THANK YOU!

The Dreamweavers Raise Funds for Fegans

“I don’t really know how to sum up this weekend. It has been such incredible fun, emotionally and physically shattering and a perfect example of how people can come together and achieve truly epic things by supporting, encouraging and believing in each other. We came 11th out of 107 teams. 11th! It’s ridiculous and so is the @ragnarrelayuk but we’ll be back next year to smash the 24hr mark (we did it in 24hr 28mins). When you join our medals together it states ‘We believe…together we can accomplish anything…we are Ragnarians’. Thanks everyone for all your support and sponsorship. We love you.” The Dreamweavers 

The Fabulous Feganettes & the Gung-Ho* 5k!

Our intrepid Fabulous Feganettes from Thanet are passionate about supporting children and families holistically.

 In support of Fegans and the unacceptable waiting lists for mental health support, they wanted to raise money by doing a sponsored event and Gung–Ho seemed like a good idea… this is how eight lovely ladies and a couple of chaps found themselves signing up to this event.

” We really wanted to be pro-active in supporting our services which do such an incredible job.  I am pleased to say that we have raised £685.75 so far which will go towards this, not a huge amount in relation to the needs,  but it’s a start.”


Meet our incredible fundraisers who are helping to raise vital funds for Fegans and the most vulnerable in our communities.