Giving to good causes is a huge part of our culture in the UK, with the British public alone donating over £9 billion annually, and supporting charities through a range of other fundraising activities. 

Many charitable organisations concentrate on campaigns or helplines. This is good, and necessary, but not enough.

Fegan’s exclusive focus is to meet the immediate and ongoing needs of the child, face to face, expertly, for as long as healing takes; working holistically to break the generational cycles of abuse and trauma. We cannot provide this lifeline without the help of volunteers, donors, businesses, schools and communities.

Not everyone has to run a marathon or climb Everest to raise sponsorship. You can be inspired by people who’ve done something before or make your big idea a reality. It’s time to get fearless with your fundraising, and our 150th anniversary is the perfect time to get involved! 

Fundraising can be a competitive market place, so the quirkier and more unique your events, the better in order to stand out and motivate your community and supporters. Get brainstorming and let us know how you get on! Please share any of your great, whacky or unusual fundraising event ideas, and don’t forget that we’re here to support you. Remember that every single pound that you raise helps a child.

Here’s an ABC of ideas to get you started:


Bad Tie Day

Cricket Match

Darts Competition

Egg & Spoon Race

Football Tournament

Games Night

Head Shave

Jazz Evening

Karaoke Night

Litter Pick

Masked Ball

Name the Teddy

Open Garden

Plant Sale

Quiz Night

Recycling Competition

Sponsored Silence


Unwanted Gift Sale

Vintage Day

Wacky Hair Day

Xylophone Concert (ok, that one is slightly tenuous!) 


Zip Wire Challenge

Fundraising for Fegans, however, is not just about bringing in the money, our aim is first and foremost to develop positive, sustainable and respectful relationships with you, our supporters. Please get in touch if you’d like to join us in fundraising for a better future for our vulnerable children. Thank you.