A legacy for the next generation.


Fegans is extremely grateful to all the Old Boys and Girls, and their families, who have given so generously over the years. Their support continues to make a real difference.

If you are considering leaving Fegans a gift in your will, you will be ensuring that more children can be free to become everything that they were created to be.

What types of gift can you leave?

The most common types of gifts left in wills are:

  • A residuary gift. The residue (or a proportion of the residue) of an estate after all other gifts, debts and expenses have been paid.
  • A pecuniary gift. A fixed sum of money.
  • A reversionary gift. A two-stage gift where assets are first held in a trust to provide some benefit to an individual. This could be a property for them to live in or income generated by investments.  Once that individual’s need for the property (or trust) ends, the assets then pass to a second beneficiary, such as a charity.
  • A specific gift. An identifiable asset such as a property, an investment or a piece of jewellery.

If you have any questions about the kind of gift you’d like to leave in your will, please speak to your solicitor.

How do I include Fegans in my will? 

We recommend you use a solicitor or professional will writer to have your will drafted. The cost is relatively modest and it can help reduce the likelihood of your wishes being challenged after you pass away. You can inform your solicitor or professional will writer that you would like to leave a gift to Fegans and they will help you to include it in your wishes.

The full legal description that should always be used to describe the charity in a will is:

Fegans of 160 St James Road, Tunbridge Wells TN1 2HE (Registered Charity No. 209930).

Making a straightforward change to your will.

You can easily update your will using a document called a codicil. This makes a simple amendment to your current will. It’s completed in the same way as your will and should be stored with it. We’ve provided legal wording for your use below, but you may want to check with your solicitor or professional Will writer to ensure your wishes will be met.

Making a significant change to your will.

If you would like to make significant changes to your will, we recommend that you consult your solicitor or professional will writer and consider having it redrafted.

Will you stand with us to help future generations?

I also wanted to say a huge thank you for your time and wisdom – as we spoke about it has already made a big difference and I feel I understand more and also feel more confident in parenting. I am very grateful indeed.

Anonymous Parent